Price Increases - Tuesday 1st August 2023

Over the last 18 months just about all of our costs have gone up, but we've always absorbed the increases rather than passing them on to our customers.

Unfortunately our raw materials costs have increased again and this time we can't absorb them.

As of Tuesday 1st August our new prices will be...

Small Metal Signs = £1.19 each (currently £1.14)
Medium Metal Signs = £1.65 each (currently £1.56)
Large Metal Signs = £2.58 each (currently £2.45)

30cm x 20cm Metal Signs...
x4 = £2.94 each (currently £2.80)
x10 = £2.60 each (currently £2.49)
x50 = £2.45 each (currently £2.35)
x100 = £2.20 each (currently £2.10)

It's only pennies! But those pennies make a big difference to us even though they're not the full increases we've taken on.

Our website will be closing at about 5pm on Monday 31st July and will open again at about 8am on Tuesday 1st August.