Frequently Asked Questions

Who can order?
We have no restrictions and no trade application forms. You're welcome to buy from us regardless of status (ie. online seller, market trader, high street shop, etc).

Can I sell the products online and in my shop?
Same as above, we have no restrictions. You're welcome to sell the products wherever you want including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, offline (shop, market stall, car boot, etc). 

I can't find what I was looking for, can you help?
Take a look at our Request A Design page.

For metal signs what size is the best seller?
We'd recommend selling all sizes to give your customers the choice, but if you only want one or two sizes it's best to have medium and/or large. We don't recommend selling just small metal signs, the other sizes give you a better profit margin.

Can I order less than 10 signs, 15 coasters, etc?
We offer a range of metal signs in packs of 4, click here to view them. Most items are made to order and they're manufactured in batches (ie. our coasters are made in batches of 15 so the minimum pack size is 15, etc). 

Do you have a dropship option?
Yes, we have a dedicated dropship website. Please contact us for details. 

Do you offer free samples?
We're happy to include samples free of charge to current customers. For example, if you place an order for just metal signs we can include some wood signs as free samples.

How quick will my order be dispatched/delivered?
The majority of items are made to order. Please note that when placing an order with us complete fulfillment (from day of ordering through to delivery being made) is usually about 5 to 10 working days in total. 

Can you expedite the dispatch/delivery of my order?
We don't/can't offer any sort of expedited dispatch/delivery. The majority of items are made to order and we don't give priority to any particular order as it wouldn't be fair on our other customers.

Can I use the images on your website?
Customers are welcome to use the product images on our website for their own website and/or other sales venues.

I want to place a large order, can I get a discount?
Discounts may be available for customers who have previously ordered from us, we can't offer you a bespoke discount if you haven't ordered from us before. Please contact us and include details about what you're looking to order (ie. which items, how many, etc).

Do you post to addresses outside of the UK?
No, we only post within the UK.